About Q Solutions


Our Story

Qsolutions is established in the year 2001 to provide organizations an expertise advice on Management Consulting, Documentation Inspection, Training, Auditing and Certification in Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety, Energy, Information & Security and food safety management systems.

Qsolutions believes in offering high-quality integrated services to fulfill our customers’ requirements and expectations. Our unmatched resources and understanding of global economics translate into consistent quality of customer services. Our aim is to turn knowledge in to reality for the benefit of our customers, our people and our societies.

Having wide & variety of professional experience and exposure to latest best practices followed globally. Our objective is to adding value to those enterprises looking to drive-up business.

At Qsolutions we provide business solutions to meet the vast majority of company needs around business improvement, hassle-free operations, excellence, and growth.


To be a high quality training and consulting provider operating at the world’s best practice level, working in partnership to fulfil needs; exceed expectations; and achieve a real difference to individuals and organisations in an ethical and professional manner.



To deliver specific training and consulting services and products, that:

  • fulfil individual and organization needs; and
  • Facilitate innovative achievement and best practice in an ethical and professional manner.


“The Guide To Your Goal”

Our Team

  • We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with proven problem solving, consulting and analytical skills.
  • Our Team consists of Domain Experts & Technical Experts so as to provide world class consulting solutions to our clients.
  • The primary strength of our consultants is to work with the client organization to optimize resources & implement the improvement strategies successfully.
  • An assignment begins with an accurate assessment of people, processes and strategies.
  • Our consultants define competitive strengths and threats plus performance gaps and growth potential.
  • To assure implementation and mastery, our consultants will develop execution plans and control plans
  • Ultimate experience across the world with domain industry expertise
  • Unique Bottom-Up consulting approach of our consultants ensures practiced at all the success of our levels of management.

We believe in high integrity as the guiding principle of doing business, team approach to problem solving, providing quality service and delivering long term value to our customers.

- Our Value Statement


Business Approach

Although some products are international, the business is International focused, aimed at providing externally sourced assistance to individuals and organisations. The approach involves working in partnership with individuals, developing skills and developing ownership of the changes being implemented. The purpose is to guide and facilitate, so that as each assignment is concluded, the work and direction set continues.

The business involves both training and consulting activities in specific areas.

  • Qsolutions does not do everything, but what is done, is done well;
  • Qsolutions does fulfil client needs and meet expectations;
  • Qsolutions incorporates quality, benchmarking and best practice in all areas;
  • Qsolutions works in partnership, developing solutions rather than providing answers;
  • Qsolutions has broad experience which ensures each project heeds the ‘big picture’;
  • Qsolutions subscribes to high ethical standards.

We are committed to provide value added services by meeting Customer requirements through a dedicated workforce and continually improve to become a world-class service.

- Quality Policy

Quality Approach

The overall conduct of the practice includes:

  • Qsolutions response to client enquiries within specified time frames re: initial contact, preparation of project outlines;
  • Qsolutions project management processes;
  • Qsolutions training design which is specific to the identified needs of the client, professionally developed and presented and includes training needs analysis and evaluation processes when required;
  • Qsolutions use of appropriate technology and web based products appropriate for the client group;
  • Qsolutions requirement for principal to undertake professional and product development activities on a regular basis, including peer review where possible.

The business has a range of quality practices in place and is committed to a process of continual.

The overall approach to quality is shown on the attached flowchart. Programs and products are regularly reviewed and evaluated.


Why Q Solutions?

  • Effective certification range
  • Economical and time bound approach
  • Close interaction and monitoring from beginning till the end of certification.
  • Professional, systematic and open approach, Client centric approach
  • 24X7 approachable to our valued client
  • Efficient training and documentation
  • Network of offices/ Representatives/ Associates.
  • Excellent professionalism and value added service.
  • Worked with various National/ International Certification boards.
  • Professional and Customer-Friendly approach.
  • Customized Corporate and Public Training.
  • Experience in dealing with Certification and Notified bodies
  • Complete confidentiality maintained at all times
  • Ultimate experience across the world with domain / industry expertise.
  • 100% success rate and client satisfaction.
  • Availability of professional expert as per organization requirement.